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Welcome to the Anglia Ruskin University Chaplaincy Homepage for WPCEEL.

This is my 7th year as Chaplain to Anglia Ruskin University, and it’s just wonderful to be here. Each year is different,  in fact each day is,  but below is a taste of some of the life that goes on at ARU.

The Mission Trips, Welcome Week, and Induction talks dominate the summer and beginning of the new academic year. These are all really enjoyable aspects of my role, and provide                             opportunities for some deep and meaningful  conversations with staff and students, as well as simply introducing myself and what Chaplaincy can offer in the Chelmsford context.

I enjoy attending our Graduation ceremonies and feel a sense of joy and pride as I watch our           students cross the stage and receive encouraging words from our VC. And it’s great to see some

of them that I have had some input in, and who are so happy to have achieved this great              milestone in their life.

Mission Ukraine

In June last year our small team of students and staff worked at the Revival Centre in Chernihiv for two weeks. The main project was to repaint an enormous mural on the large garage wall facing the childrens’ playground. We also created a new Sensory Garden for the children in  partnership with a local school. Their students were great with ours, and took us on a few excursions together. Our team came back deeply touched.

Mission Botswana

In July our team of students and staff back to Botswana to work in the Mochudi Resource Centre for the Blind. This year the team concentrated on painting and decorating the main accommodation block for the children, as nothing had been done for at least 10 years. The  Deputy British High Commissioner also came to visit and give his support. The team enjoyed a 2 day rest in a South African Game Park eco-lodge at the end of the trip. They thoroughly enjoyed their time in Africa and came back enriched by their experience.

Sustainable Sainji.

This is the new project for us. In Aug/Sept a team of 10 students and staff went out for 2 weeks to work in the small  traditional village of Sainji. They have a new school of 200 pupils that has developed over the past 6 years. The team did things like: teaching the teachers, public health education in hand washing, training on puberty development and basic first aid, painting and decorating, and looking at issues around sustainability. Our hosts said that by and away this was the best volunteering team they had ever had!

This year the Chaplaincy team has grown with the addition of a part-time Muslim Chaplain, and volunteers including a Buddhist Chaplain, and another Anglican curate helping out with iCafe and international studensts. I’ve taken a  memorial service for a student who died suddenly, and took the wedding of another staff member later this year.

Thank you for your prayers and interest in Workplace Chaplaincy and I pray God bless and keep you as you pray for us.


Revd Tony Cant



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