Colchester Summary


University of Essex                                                                                                                                                              The Multi-faith Chaplaincy continues to flourish at the Colchester campus of the University of  Essex.  It has been particularly pleasing to see how much our new improved facilities have been used and appreciated by staff and students alike.  As the Anglican Chaplain, I take an active part in Chaplaincy life and continue to chair the Chaplaincy Committee.  This means additional meetings and attendant responsibilities - such as Safeguarding, and discussions about the future of faith provision within the life of our educational establishments.  This brings me into contact with  assorted senior staff and keeps me informed of what is happening within the University.  It also places the Chaplaincy firmly at the heart of all that is going on, as far as staff are concerned.                                                                               I am also enormously privileged to have regular access to the Vice Chancellor and his Deputy.                                        My work with students varies from discipleship and bible study (the Early Birds study at 7.30am goes from strength to strength!) to more gentle fellowship and friendly support (Friday night is Film night!)  The lunchtime service of Holy Communion brings together staff and students in an oasis of calm (and free lunch), far from the madness of marking or essay writing.  The Barbecue season approaches and it is always great to offer a haven during the exam season.          I continue to enjoy being a listening ear, a voice of reason, a non-anxious presence (when I can manage that, given the variety of things I'm involved in) but, most importantly, the presence of Christ in a very secular environment.  What a privilege.

Revd Julia Murphy