What is WPC?

WPC are the Workplace Chaplains for Essex and East London. Throughout our website, you will hear us refer to ourselves as the "WPC Essex & East London", rather than our full name of "Workplace Chaplains Essex & East London." We are here to serve the people who work in Essex and East London.

It sounds religious, so what is it?

Workplace Chaplaincy is about caring for the whole person in the workplace. And no, it's not religious! A better word that more accurately fits what Chaplaincy is about, is 'spiritual'. Increasingly, in these uncertain times, some people really do want to have their spiritual life taken into account in their workplace, which is where we can help.

Who is it for?

It's for anyone who wants an impartial 'listening ear': someone who will hear their concerns or joys - and it is confidential. Chaplaincy can also be a help to support staff, managers, and team leaders in areas of liaison and advocacy, particularly in times of change and crisis. Workplace Chaplains serve all people in the workplace without prejudice or discrimination.

Who does it?

Workplace Chaplains of various denominations and church backgrounds, both lay and ordained, full time and voluntary, are serving the people who work in various parts of Essex & East London.

How much does it cost?

It doesn’t cost anything for the Workplace Chaplain to visit a place of work. 

What’s its value?

Most people want to be listened to and be given time and space for their concerns to be heard.  Sometimes talking to someone who is impartial simply helps clarify thinking, and can bring a helpful outside perspective.  When employers give employees time and space for pastoral care, it can speak volumes about how the company cares for their employees.  It can add value to the workplace environment as attested to by many retail companies, Universities, NHS Trusts, Law Firms and Courts of Law, Police, Local Authorities and many Town Centres.

How does it work?

In consultation with the employer, the Workplace Chaplain sets a regular visit schedule of days and times, which are agreeable to both parties.  Appointments outside usual visiting times can also be negotiated, as appropriate. 

Who do I contact in the first instance?

Revd Andy Hudson (Lead Chaplain, WPC Essex & East London)
Mobile: 07946115396