Cyril Bamforth



Jan and I moved to Braintree just after we got married and became a member of St. Michael’s Church.  As part of the local Fellowship of Churches I was responsible for running an ecumenical outreach church on a housing estate for 35 years.  I became involved with Workplace Chaplaincy at Freeport outlet village and have been treasurer of ECCIC for the past 5 years. 

Contact Details

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Mobile: ‘phone 07910 453248


There are four Team members:

  • Cyril Bernard Bamforth (leader)
  • Dennis Ivey
  • Between them they are responsible for the offices of:
  • Braintree District Council
  • Braintree Freeport Shopping Village

Also associated with the Team are:

  • Tony Britton, Police Chaplain, Braintree and Dunmow