Braintree Summary

Braintree's Annual Report Summary

Braintree and Freeport
The year just end can be summed up as "plus ca change", which is not necessarily a bad thing.  Revd. Tim Barnes' regular visits to Causeway House (our local council offices) give him a good insight to what is going on, especially if he calls in in the afternoon when things have been manic and stressful for the staff because of the occassional difficult "customer".  The staff value the opportunity to talk things through.  This was particularly poignant when they lost

a colleague in tragic circumstances.  Tim gave other members of staff the opportunity to come to church, say prayers and light candles.  He is also invited to attend the regular Managers' briefings to catch up with the many-faceted and good work done by the Council.  Tim also has discussions about various issues with the Head of HR.

 For Revd. Dennis Ivey and I, our weekly visits to Freeport are still proving worthwhile although we have a competitor.  At cat called Cindie makes the rounds of the shops and currently has over 2000 followers on Facebook.  We will not be setting up a Facebook page because we will  probably prove to be less popular!  However, we appear to have a good effect on business as it seems that even on the slowest days, when we walk in to a shop the customers follow quickly behind.

 Amtek in Witham has seen many personnel changes during the past year.  Derek Hennessey, who originally invited us into Amtek has moved on but we continue to receive a good welcome from the employees who remain.  We have been able to offer support where needed.


Cyril Bamforth