Miss Louise Want

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Welcome to the Epping Forest and Lee Valley Chaplaincy Homepage for WPCEEL.

I continue to visit stall holders at Epping Market approximately every 2 weeks. I feel privileged to do this. The people there are friendly and although I make a point of not preaching to people I still get asked for prayer and have seen answers to prayer. P.T.L (Praise the Lord)

My position as W.P.C links with my position at Epping Town Partnership and this year we are   putting on a Young  Peoples Market which is sponsored by The National Traders Federation. This will be held in the Town. Young People aged between 14 – 24 can take part either individually or as a team to trade on Epping Market. This will take place on Saturday 8th July.

By working together with Epping Town Partnership we hope that we can promote and support business in our Town.

I continue to go into Epping Forest District Council. There are approximately 450 people working in the building and so sometimes I can feel like a small fish in a big pond.

I got to know a few more of the staff this Christmas whilst trying to recruit for the Christmas Service. There were quite a few that were up for being dressed in Nativity costumes :0 My friend came with her gospel choir and brought joy to the Council.