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Romford Town Centre Chaplaincy Team members have continued with their work visiting retail establishments.  However, with my appointment as new lead chaplain, in July, the team recognised an opportunity to examine what it does and why, in the context of what has already been achieved in Romford, as well as the historic development of Work Place Chaplaincy. 

Statistics from the 2011 census have also informed our discussions, as well as future development plans for Romford.  In addition to serving as a team building exercise, these sessions are informing how we discuss this ministry with others at all levels and will lead to a new website and promotional material. 

I continue to play an active role on the Romford Town Centre Partnership Forum, which convenes regularly and comprises elected officials and staff from the Romford Regeneration Team, the police and managers from the major retail establishments.  The Romford team very much looks forward to all the opportunities the future holds.

Revd Lara Dose