UoE Summary


University of Essex, Multi-Faith Chaplaincy

As a university chaplain working among staff and students in a very secular environment, I have the opportunity to encourage people to consider the spiritual dimension of things, in addition to the academic, economic or purely practical.  It is a challenge and one that I am relishing in this new role for me.  Over the last four months I have met with senior staff and patrol staff, academics and administrators, students from England, Pakistan, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia, Sweden and Columbia.  I’ve put together a service to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Week; I’ve helped students practice their English; I’ve led committed believers through Paul’s letter to the Philippians during Lent; I’ve distributed mince pies and chocolate eggs. And I’ve made a lot of soup!

There is no easy way to encapsulate the work of a university chaplain.  It is as diverse as it is satisfying.  From one-to-one conversations with young Christians to addressing larger numbers from other faith backgrounds, each day can be completely different.  The most important thing is that Jesus is honoured in all I say and do, and that is what I am seeking to do as I serve him in the Multi-faith Chaplaincy at the University of Essex. 

Revd Julia Murphy