Christiana Asinugo



Westfield, Strateford City, London


Associate Minister at St Matthew’s Church West Ham and the Co-ordinating Chaplain for the Westfield Stratford City. I am married to Mr Emeka Asinugo.


I spend two days at Westfield-Mondays and Thursdays. I have the opportunity to attend some Westfield management meetings and this has been helpful for the Chaplaincy team to build a strong relationship with staff. This where we are at now-trying to build a lasting relationship with staff in different stores and shops at Westfield.

Seeing God’s amazing love revealed in the big and tiny things of life energises my faith.

Contact Details

Email :

Phone: 07723 323259

Team Member Responsibilities

Alarice Alleen and Olive Thursby cover Marks and Spencer.

Otule Robert and Dr Chinedu Udonsi cover Aspers (Shopping Centre Chaplains).

Revd David Richards covers The Street occasionally.

Ian Parker supports the team.

New Chaplains are Celia Heath, Revd Elias Moyo, Robert Plutte, Revd Inez Reid and Revd Jeremy Fraser*. The new Chaplains have all completed the 4 weeks training and are all serving in different retail shops (Primark, John Lewis, and Holiday Inn )

*Jeremy is the Assistant Chaplain for the Stratford International Train Station.
Dates for the Diary