Westfield Summary

Westfield Stratford                          


  Shoe Shinning

Chaplaincy at Westfield continues to be an exciting opportunity to meet people where they are.    Our dedicated team of Chaplains visits the shops at different times and on different days.   Collective experience shows that members of staff engage well with the team members and  relationship-building is getting stronger. The staff member would normally notice when a  Chaplain has been off on vacation and would say something like: “You didn’t come last week!”

Our common experience is that our presence motivates some staff to think about God, some ask faith-based questions while some would share their burdens. Some have requested for Bibles which were given to them.

We offer time to listen without bias; give support in the areas that we can, share in others joy or sorrow; pray with and for people if they wish and we will occasionally explore issues which  affects business and the whole community.           A good number of the big shops are involved in raising and donating money for good courses within Newham Borough.

The shops we cover:

Two Chaplains are responsible for Marks and Spencer and the lower ground floor. Two others are for Primark and the ground floor. One is for Aspers and 2nd floor .

 A new Chaplain has successfully completed her training and will be joining us soon. She will be covering John Lewis and possibly 1st floor

.”The harvest is plenty but the labourers are few.” Westfield is big with a huge mission  opportunity our challenge is not having enough Chaplains to cover all the necessary areas.     We continue to pray for better response in 2017

Training: Inspire Volunteers receive periodic training to enhance the work we do. The Inspire team received training in Understanding the Faith of the people we serve.    That was really valuable!

Inspire offered placement opportunities for those who were training in Evangelism. We have had good number of  students from Time to Share Course, who did their training placement at  Inspire. To the Glory of God some of them are serving as Volunteers in the Rest and Faith Space. A Methodist Church Ordinand also completed her placement at Inspire Westfield

Events: Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Christmas Carol were all great mission  opportunities and were very successful. Thanks to Bishop Peter who presided the Holy  Communion during the Ash Wednesday Service.

Deaths: It was very sad to part with some of our dedicated volunteers: Jill Cater and Tony. We thank God for their  contributions towards the ministry at inspire. May their souls rest in peace!


Rev’d Christiana Asinugo