Team Leader


About Me

Revd Andy Hudson Priest in Charge St Peters and St Michaels Thundersley and  Chaplain to  Lakeside Shopping Centre.

Originally from Yorkshire with a wide variety of workplace  experience from labourer in an ice cream factory, working in the printing industry self employed Graphic designer and Photographer, Van Parcel delivery Driver, and assistant  warden at a famous night shelter.

Hobbies and interests include Motorbikes Football films and teaching Guitar and Bass in Rock school.

Married to Lynn with 6 grown up children and 6 Grandchildren so lots of Gray hair now!

What is Workplace Chaplaincy?

Most of us spend the greater part of our time at work.  The work we do shapes our lives and develops us as human beings.  In work we look for a sense of purpose and involvement with others.  Sometimes work and life in general cause us stress and concern and It’s in these situations the Chaplaincy is of great benefit. Chaplains by visiting places of work, get to know people in their working environment, and are there for them to talk to as appropriate. Chaplains seek to provide a forum for those who engage with spiritual, social and ethical concerns in the workplace.

Who is it for?

It’s for anyone who wants an impartial ‘Listening ear’ the Chaplain will hear concerns or joys – with confidentiality. Chaplaincy can also be a help to support staff, managers, and team leaders in areas of liaison and advocacy, particularly in times of change and crisis.

What’s it’s value?

Most people want to be given time and space for their concerns to be heard.  Sometimes talking to someone who is impartial simply helps clarify thinking and can bring a helpful outside perspective.  When Employers give employees time and space for pastoral care, this can speak volumes about how the company cares for their employees and adds real value to the workplace environment.  

How does it work?

In consultation with the employer, the Chaplain sets a regular schedule of visiting.

Who do I contact?

Revd, Andy Hudson Tel. 01268 758417 or email  or contact a team leader in your own area.